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1. The Pokémon War

One of the big questions for the original Red, Green (Japan only) and Blue games is why there are only young children and the elderly running around in the games. While there are a few middle-aged women and men, Red, the main protagonist and player avatar, has no father to…

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I’m still disappointed that my theory about Dumbledore being a house-elf didn’t pan out. My evidence, such as it was, consisted of the following:

1) Nobody can teleport into, out of, or inside of Hogwarts. Except for Dumbledore. And except for house-elves.

2) What do house-elves want more than…

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So, why do you think Celestia, Luna and Cadence are larger/taller than the average ponies of Equestria?

Since it is generally accepted that Twilight is about the size of a full-grown regular pony, what explains the size difference of her and the other Princesses?

Do you think she will grow…

A very good question one that I’ve been wondering myself- any takers?

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This is such a gem that I had to re-post it just in case the original gets lost in the churn of the interwebs. Originally © Keith Martin 2005.

Reconsidering Star Wars IV in the light of I-III

If we accept all the Star Wars films as the same canon, then a lot that happens in the original films…

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Someone asked me once, as a kind of dig at the movie, “Why someone like Zoe would have a dress?”
I looked right at him and said, “There’s only one white dress a woman like Zoe would keep. Her wedding dress.”

I never thought of this- wow this makes me want to rewatch everything!

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So in Doctor Who, it’s mentioned that sunflowers and opera are unique to Earth. Nothing else is. In fact, we even see Entusso, a world so like Earth that the two may as well be the same, and a large number of different species like Androgums who may as well be human for all you can tell.


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It’s past midnight. Therefore I’m declaring Fanwank Friday open for business once again, so if you’d like, post some of your best fanwanks and ask each other the tough questions about your fandoms. (Well… it’s technically been open for a while for my European friends…) But I’m declaring it open…

Fanwank Friday, that sounds like something I really want to participate in!

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TARDIS vs DALEK Chibi is available this week only for just $15.99 on all regular sizes. Worldwide shipping is available with FREE shipping within the United States at GIMMICK TEES.

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Apparently there IS such a thing as Ood pop art

not creepy at all

Apparently there IS such a thing as Ood pop art

not creepy at all

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How much do I love my lock screen/battery? A LOT. ^_^

WHAT?! I want this so much!

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I’d be so happy if this could be done in real life- I really want to know what my dogs are thinking!

Furthermore, this features on of my favorite non-companion companions, Stormageddon

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Exterminate, Exterminate, I just ate a dalek cupcake ;)

Exterminate, Exterminate, I just ate a dalek cupcake ;)

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Dessert, Anyone?

Dessert, Anyone?

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Made with marshmallows, mini marshmallows, and a food gel pen

Made with marshmallows, mini marshmallows, and a food gel pen

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